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Taormina : Fashion , culture and poetry

The event in question tends to merge different forms of art, poetry, human feelings, life experiences, theater, music and scenery in a context of international importance such as the reality of Taormina and its Ancient Greek Theater, mystical and ideal, impregnated with Umanitas inside its supporting columns and with the surrounding nature under the eyes of the powerful forges of Hephaestus (Etna).

To dress the Poetry means to be naked with one’s own soul before the World, wearing it, in all its nuances and facets. Polyhedral and complex as it is, showing its pure beauty. In the event a strong message of social revenge, pronounced in a context in which culture, raped by globalization takes a voice among the common people, to build armed with a feeling of revenge, resurrection, like the Phoenix rising from their “clothes” fire “, inspired by the principle of Alda Merini and of which I am an advocate and performer.

I, a suffering poet from multiple sclerosis who from his own sufferings describes in verses the beauties of life and the strength that from the daily labors tends to move the surrounding environment finding inspiration from small things and thanks to the determination in overcoming the difficulties that we Italians must face, for the sake of our family and our loved ones, for the sake of a peaceful future full of emotions.
For this purpose, 8-10 models / models will be chosen, whether they are professional or simple people. Their wealth of experience will be available to me to write some verses based on their life stories. I will make sure to include in them the salient points of their experience, perhaps in a particular moment of their existence in which they have been put more to the test. For them, a special dress will be designed by the designer in which the most important verse will accompany the artist’s inspiration in designing the model of the same dress that will accompany their symbolic fireplace on the catwalk to the beaches of memories. All supported by special soundtracks and a ‘’king’’ actor that in the context of the parade will recite the poems entirely (a few but fundamental verses) filling the context of the event with real feeling. The main objective is to give voice to the human being through art and inspiration, through the essence of his experience, between the defeats and the victories, this is what makes us more like God than we imagine, the our fragility and our deepest fears, doubts and hesitations, and then find the solutions from the most difficult moments, when everything seems to fall, when there seems to be no solution.

Turn tears into joy, into real smiles, into happy moments. Life is able to be bastard sometimes, but sometimes to surprise, to show herself benevolent when it brings out the best in us. It is our emotions and our feelings the best that life can offer us. Because in the storm we rediscover them, while they give firmness to the rudder and the sturdy sails that take us out of the storm whirlwinds. We are made in His image and likeness, we are real . We are unique, like everything we could create and like the magic of the message that we could communicate.

Salvatore Angius